"FOR THE LOVE OF BONDING"! Sharing active play with your family & friends isn't just a good way to get your heart pumping and burn calories. It's also a great way to build family bonds and creating memories that you, your family & friends will cherish forever.

It makes such a big difference to picnic at ARSOUN VILLAGE. Why? Because we have created a new concept of PICK N PICNIC, where you can book along with your table your picnic menu or supply at affordable prices.

We strive to consistently provide high quality product at excellence service.

Now, you will think twice before bringing with you your picnic supply!!! However, you can still bring it with you if you wish because our priority is to make your outdoor experience much more enjoyable.
Ask for our take away MENU

Expand your outdoor recreation activities, book your table, bring your family, friends & make a day of it at ARSOUN VILLAGE!!!! The fun is just starting! Enjoy, get adrenaline rush, & most importantly have fun all the way in a friendly environment! Relax, breathe some fresh air & enjoy your picnic. Live our ARSOUN VILLAGE EXPERIENCE while your kids are playing safely and making happy memories in our TREEWALK VILLAGE PARK
especially designed for kids under 6 years old.

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Book your table & benefit from a grill station ready for fire charcoal.