At ARSOUN VILLAGE FOREST ADVENTURE PARK we love the natural environment. After all, look where we live.

In the Trees;

Our platform attachment method uses a compression method of protect the living tree. All elements and belay cables are wrapped around 4×4 spacers that allow for fluid translocation and do not allow for girdling of the tree. We use treated wood to prevent decay build up between the bark and wood due to moisture damage.

On the Ground;

We have taken care and devoted much time to marking designated paths between the courses and trees. One of the most harmful impacts in a forested area is compaction of the root zones at the base of trees. A compacted root zone does not allow fluid and natural nutrients to flow to the tree roots and can slowly kill trees. We mark paths and create removable ground platforms to keep the root zones healthy.

Education Outside The Classroom (EOTC)

At ARSOUN VILLAGE FOREST ADVENTURE PARK we offer a unique EOTC outdoor experience to develop confidence through participation in outdoor activities. Kids will also discover in a fun way how each one of them can be a key player in making our environment a safer and healthier place. Kids visiting our composting site and learning tips about the 3R's can be pretty simple!